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    Why The Pimple Not Missing ?

    Hello ladies I'm here to share an article about beauty with the title '' Why The Pimples Not Missing ? ''
    Have you ever experienced a pimples around the face? If you have experienced it and are still confused about how to eliminate it, you should read this article because here I will explain about the pimple and how to overcome them.

    What is pimples?

    Pimples usually appears on oily and sensitive faces. Pimples is one of the facial skin problems besides acne, blackheads, dark spots, and facial wrinkles. Pimples is a condition where there are small reddish spots around the face area. Pimples not only reduces facial aesthetics, but also causes itching and burning when sweating, which then has the potential to experience irritation due to scratching.

    Why pimple hard to disappear? 

    There are 5 reasons why pimple is difficult to remove, as follows :

    1. Comedonal Acne
    Comedo are divided into two namely whitehead and blackhead. Blackheads are comedo that are exposed and its got dust and shit oxidation so that they are black on the surface of the skin. While the whitehead is still covered by skin cells above it. So if comedo are not treated then the pimple will not disappear.

    2. Facial Cleansing is Lacking

    If a lot of dust and dirt on the face and not cleaned it will clog the pores of the face and cause pimple

    3. Rejection Reaction

    Pimple does not only occur on oily faces sensitive faces can cause pimple.This rejection reaction usually occurs in people who change their skin without any time lag even though the person has sensitive skin types. So that arises pimples.

    4. Drug Induced

    Drugs such as corticosteroids, INH, barbiturates, yodides, bromides, diphenylhydanthoin, etc by some people can cause acneiform eruptions which are acne-like skin disorders. But the process of occurrence varies and not all people who take these drugs will appear pimples.

    5. Allergic Reaction
    This allergic reaction can occur due to food allergies, drug allergies etc. Which induces IGE antibodies in our body. Pimples and acnes that occur due to allergies are not only on the face but also appear throughout the body.

    Then how do we overcome and eliminate pimples?

    1. Improved Facial Cleansing

    This must be done if we have done the activity both indoors and outdoors. Facial cleansing can be in the form of micellar water, milk cleanser, and oil cleansing.

    2. Facial Wash containing Salycylic Acid

    Most salycylic acids are present in special oily, acne-prone facial products.

    3. Keep The Make Up Equipment Clean

    4. Give Time Lag During The Transition

    This method is specifically for people who have sensitive skin types who will change the old brand to a new brand, both skincare and make up.

    5. Consult a Doctor's Personal Medical History

    This method specifically for people who are not suitable to use drugs that cause acneiform eruptions.

    6. Avoiding Allergen Triggers

    Hope it is useful, thank you


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