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    News Update Corona Virus In Indonesia Today

    The number of corona virus positive patients (Covid-19) in Indonesia on Friday (24/4) reached 8,211 people. Of that number 689 patients died and 1,002 people were declared cured.

    Government Spokesman for Covid-19 Achmad Yurianto said the data was data obtained by the government as of Friday (4/24) at 12.00 WIB. "There are an additional 436 new cases bringing the total to 8,211 cases," said Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Achmad Yurianto through official information at the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Jakarta, Thursday (23/4).

    In addition to 436 new positive cases, the number of people who died increased by 42 people, and those who recovered also increased by 42 people.

    Since the past week, the number of cases of death due to COVID-19 has tended to decrease, whereas patients recovering instead continue to increase.

    Based on the results of the accumulation of data up to Thursday (4/23), the number of cases of death increased by 11, bringing the total to 647 people. Then the number of patients recovered increased by 47 people, bringing the total to 960.

    The DKI Jakarta Province is still the region with the highest distribution of patients recovering, 326, followed by East Java as many as 121, West Java 87, South Sulawesi 80, Bali 55, Central Java 54, and other regions in Indonesia, totaling 960 patients.

    The criteria for recovery of accumulated patients are based on the results of laboratory tests for two times and when there are no more clinical complaints.

    "If we look at the distribution of patients recovering in DKI Jakarta 326 people, East Java 121 people, West Java 87 people, South Sulawesi 80 people, Bali 55 so that in total with 29 other Provinces amounted to 960 people," said Yurianto.

    Of the total cases recovered and died, Then in Riau Islands 83 cases, West Nusa Tenggara 115 cases, South Sumatra 93 cases, West Sumatra 86 cases, North Sulawesi 31 cases, North Sumatra 95 cases, and Southeast Sulawesi 37 cases.

    Whereas in South Sulawesi 397 cases, Central Sulawesi 29 cases, Lampung 38 cases, Riau 36 cases, North Maluku 14 cases, Maluku 17 cases, West Papua 13 cases, Papua 130 cases, West Sulawesi eight cases, East Nusa Tenggara one case, Gorontalo seven cases and in the field verification process 26 cases.

    As of Thursday (23/4) for the number of people under monitoring (ODP) to 195,948 people and patients under surveillance (PDP) to 18,283 people. The data was taken from 34 provinces and 267 districts / cities in the country.

    The recorded data was taken from the 59,935 specimen test results conducted using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method in 43 laboratories. A total of 48,647 cases of examined specimens obtained 7,775 positive and 40,872 negative data.

    The Task Force details positive COVID-19 data in Indonesia, namely in Aceh Province seven cases, Bali 167 cases, Banten 337 cases, Bangka Belitung nine cases, Bengkulu eight cases, Yogyakarta 76 cases, DKI Jakarta 3,517 cases.

    Furthermore in Jambi 14 cases, West Java 784 cases, Central Java 538 cases, East Java 664 cases, West Kalimantan 50 cases, East Kalimantan 74 cases, Central Kalimantan 83 cases, South Kalimantan 114 cases, and North Kalimantan 77 cases.


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