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    Indonesian Special Food

    Indonesia is a country with an invaluable amount of wealth. Speaking of Indonesia, there are many exciting aspects to discuss.

    Like discussing about dishes from Indonesia where there are so many different types of dishes that are not only limited to make a full stomach, but leave a longing for those who first met.

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    Indonesian cuisine is one of the riches of the archipelago that never goes out. Many people who come all the way from outside the continent just to taste the delicious specialties of famous Indonesian food full of strong flavors. Each region has special dishes that can shake the tongue.

    1. Satay

    Sate is a popular Indonesian food that is popular in the world and is generally made from basic ingredients of chicken or beef meat that is cut into pieces and then stabbed with sticks.

    After the pieces of meat line up neatly in each stitch, each subsequent stitch is burned until cooked. Just like sambal, satay is a typical Indonesian food consisting of various variants, it can be from selected meat, ingredients used for seasoning, until the prick used.

    Meats that are commonly chosen to be satay include chicken, goat, beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, horse, and others.

    In Indonesia itself there are regional satay which has spread to many cities, such as Padang satay which is a food from West Sumatra.

    In addition to Padang satay, there are still other delicious and unique satay, such as satay satuan, satay lilit, satay pentul, satay plecing, satay lokan, satay maranggi, satay buntel [from Jogja ], satay pencok [from Lombok , and satay satay the other].

    2. Soto

    Soto is a typical culinary of the archipelago in the form of a soup dish made from meat and vegetable broth.

    There are two types of soto that are popular in Indonesia, namely soto ayam or meat and soto mie.

    In addition to the two types, there are actually many types of soup that are also tasty and appetizing, call it soto padang, madura, soto tripe, soto goat, soto banjar , soto medan, and many more.

    Giving the name Soto usually refers to the area of ​​origin or composition of the material used. Each type of soto has a different way of serving according to the uniqueness in each region.

    Soto can be served alone or directly eaten without additions or additions such as rice, rice cake, rice cake, vermicelli, or noodles along with side dishes.

    There are also complementary menus such as crackers, crackers, cakes, quail eggs, satay, koya, and sambal. In a number of cities, such as Jakarta, there are many soto stalls.

    Not only Soto Betawi is sold, but there are also special stalls selling soto from areas outside Jakarta.

    3. Fried Rice

    It is not yet known exactly where the origin of fried rice is because in addition to Indonesia, fried rice is also often found in other countries.

    Therefore, to make fried rice a typical Indonesian food, people make fried rice by bringing the culinary characteristics of the archipelago, which is a lot of spices.

    Speaking of taste, it is certain that Indonesian fried rice has a winning taste and may be competed with fried rice from other countries.

    Fried rice itself is a food in the form of fried rice with soy sauce and other seasonings which is then stirred until the rice turns to brown as a sign that soy sauce has permeated and spread to all rice.

    After the rice is finished frying, the rice is then poured into a plate. To provide a wealth of flavor, rice is usually added with fillings such as eggs, chicken, crackers, sliced ​​cucumbers, sliced ​​sausages, salted fish, and many more, depending on taste.

    4. Gado-gado

    If fried rice is considered as a modern food, then for this one typical Indonesian food, gado-gado, is a traditional food that still exists today.

    In one serving of gado-gado there are many types of boiled vegetables, such as long beans, bean sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, young jackfruit, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, tempeh, tofu, cornflakes, and other vegetables such as carrots and cucumber slices.

    Before the vegetables are put together, usually in a container or a mortar to make gado-gado, a sauce or peanut sauce is made first which will become the main seasoning for these vegetables.

    5. Padang Rice

    Indonesia has a very abundant culinary wealth, from the west to the east. Like in West Sumatra, precisely in Padang, there are rice dishes that are so legendary and have traveled to other cities, even outside the country.

    Padang rice can be considered as rice which is liked by 90% of Indonesian population. The delicious and so distinctive taste of making nasi padang always gets the best place in the hearts of its lovers.

    Reviewing Padang rice, not only talking about rice, but also all the side dishes that taste famous spicy and coconut milk.

    There are a variety of side dishes to choose from for this typical Indonesian food from West Sumatra. Starting from the most common such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, grilled fish, fried fish, until side dishes that also come from the land of Sumatra, such as the most famous rendang.

    6. Gudeg

    The culinary wealth of the archipelago can be found in almost every city in Indonesia. As in Yogyakarta, there is a famous specialty food called warm.

    In fact, the city of Yogyakarta itself earned the nickname as the City of Gudeg because it became the birthplace of food that is very familiar to the ears of the Indonesian people.

    Gudeg is a traditional food that has a sweet taste as a characteristic of Javanese cuisine in general.

    The composition of the main ingredients to make warm include young jackfruit, boiled eggs, tofu, tempeh, and chicken.

    Not infrequently when serving warm also eaten with fresh cow leather or krecek fried sambal. Gudeg consists of several types, the most famous of which are dry and wet warm.

    The difference between the two types of warm is in the use of coconut milk. If the warm coconut milk is dry a little, then the wet warm contains more coconut milk or coconut milk.

    7. Pempek

    Pempek is a food that comes from Palembang. Aside from Palembang, Pempek can also be found in Bangka and all other areas in South Sumatear.

    Pempek or soft chips are made from the composition of the main ingredients in the form of fish meat and starch [not sago flour].

    In addition to these two main ingredients, there are also other accompanying compositions such as eggs, garlic, flavorings, and salt.

    In big cities besides Palembang, pempek traders can also be found and there are very many. In fact, besides being sold by petty traders, Pempek is also widely served in restaurants.

    The delicious and distinctive taste of Pempek is not only limited to shake the tongue, but also can make anyone addicted after eating it.

    8. Ketoprak

    Ketoprak is a comest from Indonesia which is easily found in big cities in Indonesia. Most Indonesians refer to ketoprak as typical Betawi food .

    This food is also similar to gado-gado where processed food is given a sprinkling of peanut sauce. The difference is, if gado-gado tends to be in the form of side dishes to eat rice, ketoprak is one package.

    In one portion of ketoprak there must be diamond as the most dominant composition. In addition there are also other components such as tofu, vermicelli, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and boiled eggs.

    Currently there are countless ketoprak sellers. From those who started trading around to settling in crowded spots. The delicacy of ketoprak and added low price bandrolan on each portion makes ketoprak always sought by buyers.

    9. Pepes

    If you are an Indonesian resident who lives outside of Java, then take the time to visit Java at least once in a lifetime.

    Lots of food is waiting for you to taste while in Java. Average typical Indonesian food born in Javanese traditional forms, such as pepes for example.

    What is that?

    Pepes or pais is a way to cook raw materials typical of West Java. The ingredients that are usually pressed are fish and chicken, although there are also other food ingredients such as mushrooms, tofu, and many more that are cooked by pressing them.

    The foodstuff will be pressed by wrapping it in banana leaves, the spices used for pepes are also typical, namely basil, tomato, and chili. After the spices and food are wrapped using banana leaves, the next process is to burn the package over the fire until it is cooked and dried.

    10. Batagor

    The naming of batagor is actually an acronym of fried tofu baso in accordance with the variation of the contents of this food. 

    To make batagor, the main ingredient is sago flour, which will later be put on the dumpling skin to be fried crispy. 

    As for the presentation, the collection of meatballs will be served together with peanut sauce, usually also will be added with pieces of white tofu as in the vicinity.

    Peanut seasoning as the main medium to create a savory spicy taste in batagor will be made using sweet soy sauce, sugar, salt, garlic, chili, and lime juice. 

    These materials will be mashed to be poured over the batagor. Because this food is Bandung food, so it will be very easily found there, even though many other cities provide it.


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