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    How to Wear a Tie or Make a Male Knot Tie Easy and Practical

    How to Wear Ties - Ties are one of the mandatory fashion items for men. Tie itself is a choice of accessories that will help you look more formal. Unfortunately, not many people know how to wear a tie that is good and right.

    Making a knot tie is actually not a difficult matter. There are many ways to make ties that can be tried, but the following four ways to make a knot tie are some of the easiest ways to make a tie that Toppers can learn. Come on, listen!

    How to Wear Men's Ties

    1. How to Wear a "Four in Hand Knot" Necktie

    The "Four in Hand Knot" knot is a small tie knot. For toppers that have large body proportions, a tie with a small knot such as "Four in Hand Knots" will help you to look more striking. Here's how to make a "Four Hand in Knot" tie :

    2. How to Wear a "Half Windsor Knot" Tie

    How to Wear a "Half Windsor Knot" TieFor those who don't want a tie knot too small or too big, a "Half Wingsor Knot" tie knot can be your choice. How to wear this tie is quite popular and widely used because it is not only easy but also considered to provide a more proportional size of the knot. Here are the steps to wear a tie in the "Half Windsor" style :

    3. How to Wear a "Full Windsor Knot" Tie

    If "Half Windsor" gives a medium sized tie knot, "Full Windsor Knot" gives you a relatively large tie knot. How to wear a tie is suitable for tall and wide people so the tie looks proportional and proportion. Here's an easy way to wear a "Full Windsor Knot" tie :

    4. How to Wear a Bow Tie aka "Bow Tie"

    Although it's not common, bow ties aka "BowTie" have a lot of fans, you know. Here's an easy way to wear a bow tie for toppers who want to stay sweet in formal attire:

    It was not difficult not to learn how to wear men's ties? To make it easier for Toppers to learn how to make the knot, you can also check out the following video!


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