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    How to Download Music From Youtube (.mp4, .mp3, .mkv)

    Youtube is one of the most popular video watching platforms in Indonesia, even in the world. Ranging from funny and eccentric videos to useful tutorials on Youtube. But to save videos all the time, how do you download videos from Youtube? 

    Until now, Youtube itself does not provide a way to directly download the video to your device, for example your cellphone or laptop. Youtube only provides a way to download videos from Youtube to each account, so they can be viewed without data. 
    But that does not mean it can not be done, here are some ways to download Youtube videos so they can be directly stored on your laptop or computer. 


    Before starting this first method, make sure you have Internet Download Manager (IDM) which is used as a tool to download videos on your laptop or computer. However, if you don't have one, you can still download videos without this application. 

    How to download the first YouTube video is very easy. The trick, open the video link that you want to download. Then, to the link add 'ss' right in front of YouTube so that the link becomes ssYouTube. After that a new page will appear which is the appearance of the site.

    Well, then you need to click on 'Download without installation' first so you don't have to download the application. Unfortunately, if you use this method, you will only get 360p video quality. But do not rule out the possibility if the video you want allows for download in 720p size.


    The way to download the second YouTube video is different from the first. The trick, prepare the video link that you want to download, then open which will be used to paste the link that you have copied. 

    Once open, paste the copied link into the column then click download. As a result, you can directly download videos of your size. Besides downloading videos, you can also download subtitles through this site.


    The next way to download is through the site which requires almost the same steps as the site, namely by pasting the copied video link into the download column. 

    In addition to downloading videos, you can also download audio formats as well, you know. So, you don't need to bother to convert your video to audio.


    Like the two previous download methods, through the site, paste the copied video link into the download column then click download. 

    In this way, you can find out the size of the video file that you are about to download so you can choose whether you want to download a large file or just a small one. 


    The first step you have to do is to open the site then click on the YouTube logo because you will download videos from YouTube. After that, paste the video link that you want to download then click on dredown. allows you to get a choice of various video sizes. Unfortunately, this site presents too many advertisements that appear in new tabs until a new window is sufficient to disrupt your download activity. 


    Furthermore, you can also use this method you know. Through the site, you can download unlimited videos and watch them over and over again until you get bored. 

    The method is the same as how to download most videos, namely by pasting the video link you want to download into the download column. Usually, without the need to click the start button, a list of video size options will appear by itself. 

    7. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express Add-ons

    The latter method is different from the previous methods because this time you use an add-ons called Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express provided by each browser. How to download using add-ons is also very easy. 

    First, type keywords into the search add-ons. Once found, click on the add-ons until a new page appears. After that, click 'add to firefox' to add the add-ons to the Firefox browser. 

    To find out if these add-ons are installed, the way is through the Extensions menu found in the add-on menu. There, you will find whether Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express is installed or not.  

    If so, you can open the YouTube site to choose the video you want to download. In this way, you don't need to copy the video link to paste because under the video, you will find a button that is used to download the video of your choice.

    8. Web Browser Mozila Firefox

    • Use the new Mozilla Firefox browser which is now faster. Download the Latest Mozilla Firefox for PC. The installation is super easy and then immediately runs.
    • By using Firefox, click the following link Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express, then it will be directed to the Add-ons installation page to be installed.
    • Click "Add to Firefox" or "Add to Firefox". Then later you will be asked for confirmation of approval to add and just click "Add" or "Add" and then click OK.
    • Visit the Youtube website or click open here and try to open any of the videos for download, the green download button will appear below the video similar to the picture below, just an example here in red.
    • Click the download button and select the desired video extension and the quality options. Click the small down arrow button to get it right away. Then the video will be downloaded immediately.
    • Click the arrow button "Show all downloads" or "Show all downloads" located in the upper right of the Firefox browser to see the progress of the download or type in the browser tab "about: downloads".
    • If the youtube video has been successfully obtained, click 2x on the file to immediately see the results and immediately watch it. Or right-click and select "open folder" or "open folder" to see that the video has been saved in the folder location.

      Please try it, Good Luck!!


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