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    Bermuda Triangle in Indonesia

    On this occasion we will discuss the Bermuda Triangle Indonesia Version. The Indonesian version of Bermuda Triangle is called the Masalembo Triangle. Why is it called the triangle masalembo?. Then why is it called the Bermuda Triangle Indonesia Version.

    If you want to know, refer to the explanation of this article until the end.

    1. The Location Of The Masalembo Triangle

    The Masalembo Triangle is an imaginary line connecting Bawean Island, Majene City and the Central Islands in the Java Sea and including the Masalembo waters.

    Masalembo is one of the sub-districts in the East Java Sumenep Regency. This sub-district has 3 islands, namely Masalembu, Masakambing, and Kramian. Located in the middle of the sea between the island of Java and the island of Kalimantan

    Glimpse of these waters there is nothing strange. However, various accidents in these waters, so many people call the Masalembo islands as  the Bermuda Triangle Indonesia Version.

    2. There Are Many Accidents

    One of the tragic accidents that occurred in this mass triangle, namely the accident of the passenger  Tampomas 2 Ship which occurred on January 27, 1981. This accident claimed hundreds of lives after burning and drowning in these waters.

    There were many tragic accidents that occurred in the Masalembo Triangle, namely Senopati Nusantara Ship (29 December 2006), Adam Air Plane (1 January 2007), Beautiful Pearl Ship (19 July 2007), Golden Fajar Ship (27 July 2007).

    3. The Myth Of The Kingdom Of Spirits

    According to the myth that developed in the masalembo community, there was a kingdom of spirits in these waters. This is proven by people who have seen mysterious sightings of giant sea snakes, giant birds, and dragons. When it made it through these waters.

    4. Scientific Explanation

    Scientifically, Masalembo waters are the meeting point of strong currents from the west that continue to extend into the Java Sea and strong currents from the north of the Makassar Strait.

    Air pocket is suspected to be a factor that makes masalembo waters dangerous. Air pocket is a space that contains air flowing at high speed, so it can suck airplanes, ships, and others.


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