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    5 Indonesian Special Drinks That Must Be Tried

    Indonesia is a country that is very rich in culture and natural beauty in the field of tourism. Not only that, Indonesia has various types of customs in its possession and each of these tribes has their own characteristics and specialties ranging from language, clothing, habits, even to their typical culinary types.

    Indonesia also has many culinary offerings from various regions. These culinary offerings range from food to drinks. Humans from Indonesia also have different characteristics from drinks from other countries.

    The following are 5 list of drinks that must be tried when visiting Indonesia :

    1. Ice Cendol Dawet

    This drink is made from rice flour made by the dough and printed through a sieve to form small balls into a cendol.

    This cendol ice is green which is obtained from pandan leaves and mixed with coconut milk sauce and brown sugar and added with grated ice. This drink has a fresh and savory taste that is perfect when the weather is hot.

    2. Teler Ice

    Es Teler is the next original Indonesian drink that has such a delicious taste. This drink is made from various mixtures, such as young coconut, avocado, coconut milk, sugar palm fruit , melon, bread, jelly, grass jelly, etc.

    From these suitable ingredients, it becomes one with the addition of ice shavings and topping syrup and sweetened condensed milk.

    3. Red Bean Ice

    There are 2 regions in Indonesia, namely in Palembang and Manado, where this red bean is transformed into an attractive fresh drink, which tastes no less refreshing than other drinks. This red has been boiled until soft and also legit, this is what makes this ice feels very unique.

    4. Bajigur

    This drink comes from West Java. Bajigur is one of the typical Indonesian drinks that has such a delicious taste. This drink is usually served while still hot, made into a suitable drink made as a body warmer.

    Bajigur is made from palm sugar and coconut milk, and colored like chocolate milk, at first glance it is similar to chocolate milk, but in terms of taste it is clearly different. The aroma of this drink is also very distinctive and quite strong.

    5. Kopyor Ice

    Kopyor is a genetic disorder in coconuts. Characteristics of kopyor fruit are soft fruit flesh, a little amount of coconut water, and the taste of water from kopyor fruit is sweet

    Kopyor ice is a mixture of meat and kopyor fruit juice added with syrup and ice. This kopyor ice is good to be enjoyed in hot air.

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