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    5 Indonesian Original Endemic Animals

    Indonesia is known as a country that has amazing natural beauty. Not only natural beauty, Indonesia also has a wealth of unique fauna or animals.

    These unique animals are spread throughout the country. Unfortunately, over time and for several reasons, these animals are becoming increasingly extinct.

    There are even some animals whose status is included in the list of endangered animals. Here is a review of 5 endemic animals from Indonesia that we should protect.

    1. Sumatran Tiger

    Sumatran tiger is a species of tiger that has the smallest body among other species. Now the Sumatran tiger is on the list of endangered animals.

    They are often hunted by residents because they enter the settlement, even though they enter the settlement because they are lost in search of food.

    2. Orangutans

    Orangutans have long been included in the list of endangered animals. We see a lot of poaching that claimed the lives of orangutans. This is what causes the number of orangutans increasingly decreasing until finally endangered.

    3. Bali Starling

    Bali starlings first discovered by Dr. Barom Stressman, a bird collector from England in 1911. Because of its beauty, this bird is often the target of collectors. Mirinya in 2005, endemic animals from the island of Bali, there are only five left. Fortunately, now the number has increased slightly.

    4. Kangaroo tree golden coat

    This smallish kangaroo is an endemic animal from the mountains of Irian Island. This golden coat tree kangaroo is one of the most endangered species of tree kangaroos among all tree kangaroos. Even this species has become extinct in most of its natural habitat.

    5. Babirusa

    This animal can be found around the islands of Sulawesi, Togian Island Malenge, Sula, Buru and Maluku. They live in many tropical rain forests. These animals are often hunted by residents because they damage agricultural land and plantations.

    As humans, we should preserve nature, including the animals that exist. One way that we can do is not to damage their habitat. And last but not least is, stop poaching to fulfill personal satisfaction.


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